You are a Light.

You are a light, you bring hope and destiny to those around you. In Christ Jesus whom is your Lord and King you are a lamp that brings life to those around you, shining into the dark areas of their hearts and souls and bringing the light and life of Jesus Christ to them.

I have a faith that sometimes is shadowed by the things in my mind that i have done or feel about myself that are negative or make it hard to use my faith in the way I’d like, this is a problem that needs to be healed and fixed, but in the mean time I have this hope in me that I’m okay and its going to be alright, its as though I am at one with God now, and my emotions, fears, doubts and concerns are of no effect as to who I am in God.

My identity doesn’t change because I feel one way that is against who I am, feelings tell a story about your internal reactions to experiences and what you think about something or someone in your mind or subconscious. But the truth is you are still YOU. Feelings don’t change your identity, truth reveals your identity in Christ.

You see, you are created in the image of God and as a new creation in Christ when you accepted him as saviour and King, at the point of salvation and conversion, you are that new person, often people don’t see themselves as the new person and often only an aspect of the new identity as a son or daughter of God is manifested in ones life in a way where yourself or others notice it, and then there are times where a son or daughter of God will have a dramatic conversion experience and have a complete change of identity and personality in an instant and become completely different in one day, and people and them will notice it, and for others there is the journey of having your identity revealed to you.

For me it has been a journey and an instant change, of course we all get changed instantly when we receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and have his Holy Spirit in us, but sometimes there is the journey of understanding who we have become and the more we have the knowledge of the truth in us through the word of God (The Bible) and believe and realise our identity as christians and sons and daughters of God the more we will manifest our new creation identities.

Often in our conversion experiences as new Christians we develop our understanding by what we are introduced to, if we are in a religious setting with people who haven’t developed a sincere relationship with God or if we start listening to preaching and people who don’t know who they are we can sometimes get tainted by religion and lack the ability to see clearly in to the spirit and relate to God as him being a good father and us as his loved son or daughter, but not that alone is the issue, often our upbringing has a major effect on how we see and relate to God, there are many things but the thing I want to touch on right now is that you are a light.

The light that is in you now is not your own, it is Gods light and His son Jesus Christ, you are a light by faith in him, when you fail and lose your cool you don’t stop being a light. Its who you are always as you are in Him, you cant stop being a light, even when you cover it up by pretending you don’t want to talk about God when you really do want to, or when you think you cant share your faith with someone because you don’t have the courage, you haven’t stopped being a light, a light covered doesn’t change the light into something its not, the light is still what it is even if something is trying to stop it shining.

The reality is when we come into this world we don’t know much about whats going on in the spirit realm or in our hearts and minds either at all or until we get older or we have a gift to see and perceive the spirit realm accurately and when we’re older we’re sometimes able to grow in discernment and understanding about life. The thing about being a light and receiving light from God and others is it enables us to see better, truth can be equated with light Jesus says “ shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” what should happen with this kind of truth encounter that sets you free, is that you should “see better” about things in your’s and or others lives about what is true reality.

So being a light to others is about helping people to see, now you don’t always need to say something to shine your light, as the bible says in the book of Matthew 5:18 “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.” Your good works themselves can be light to others but that doesn’t just mean you shine only by being good, your words can be light too the bible says also about God’s own word in Psalm 119:  “your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” so when we speak for God and preach his word we are shining his light into others lives as well.

I had an experience once i went with a friend to a local bar I wasn’t going there to be drunk but as something to do with my friend, and as I was there I was feeling overwhelmed with the issue of being there and not feeling myself being in that environment then while sitting there, this thought came to me in the back of my head “I’m a light in a dark place” and there was energy on that word and instantly I felt better about being there something happened inside me that just flipped the switch so to speak and it encouraged me to communicate and have a more fun time being there even though I wasn’t involved in doing things like drinking alcohol or going after women in the wrong way.

This thought has stuck with me after that event and even though I may not have the bold courage like I got in that moment it came to my mind that night, or even the feeling that came with hearing those words in my head, it serves as a lesson to me and I have thought about it a number of times afterwards, unfortunately I don’t have any testimonies I can think of where remembering those words helped another time to help me be myself in a situation, except that I do recall it helping at least once making me feel better about something I was experiencing I just can’t remember all the details. but it helps me to realise it at times, I am a light in a dark place, I had this thought that basically made me believe, that night, while at this bar that just me being there in the place gave people light to see better spiritually, I believe whether I interacted with them or not.

There’s much to say about being a light that I still am yet to learn or understand but I hope this life lesson serves as a teaching to you that even when we’re feeling overwhelmed by a situation or feel like we shouldn’t be where we are for some reason because we think we’re being bad or not good enough or its inappropriate for some spiritual reason we think we have, we are still a light, our feelings or emotions don’t change our identity or who God has made us to be, we are still a light no matter how much the enemy or our circumstances would have us believe we are not being one. Sometimes its just a matter of perspective that we need to get from God or have it taught to us so we can believe and see in a situation and our lives so we can be the lights we are and not think of ourselves as less than we truly are.


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